Farrah Abraham Spoils Her Mini-Me With New iPhone Following Bizarre Rant

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Farrah Abraham will always be a mother despite how much her daughter may upset her.

The Teen Mom OG star was spotted on an outing with her daughter Sophia following her bizarre rant about the 10 year old being a manipulator.

The mother daughter duo was at the Grove in Los Angeles when cameras captured them. They were just leaving the Apple Store with their newly purchased Apple iPhone 11s.

As RadarOnline.com readers know, Abraham launched a docu-comedy entitled Domestic Goddess Tour, but her first video was far from the kind of content anyone would expect to see on her YouTube channel.

In the skit, she slammed Sophia with accusations of being a manipulator and an “excuse maker.”

“I don’t raise them,” she said regarding people who make excuses. “I don’t want them in my life. I can’t stand them… I’ve come to realize I just really don’t like manipulation, people wasting my time, people being annoying.”

She continued on, making it clear that her young daughter was one of the manipulators she was referring to. “When your kid does it to you. I’m almost to the point of like… I’m going to go on a tirade because I’m not going to allow my daughter to think she can manipulate me,” she ranted. “My family did it to me, my parents did it to me and now my child. You can only handle so much before I f**king crack!”

Throughout the video, the reality television star was seen slurring her words, going off topic and having trouble pronouncing her words as she bashed her family. Her behavior ultimately sparked allegations of drug use and concern about her daughter’s safety.

“Stay off of drugs kids and people! This chick has totally lost it,” one commenter said, as a second wrote, “Just say no to drugs!”

In regards to her daughter, one of the comments read, “Her poor daughter. Child services needs to take that kid before she is damaged for life…” A second commenter added, “You must be on some bad stuff. Dead serious. When you wake up you will realize (if you have any brain cells left) that you went on social media and bashed your poor child. Your own child!”

Now, all things seem to be forgiven as the 28 year old mom, is out spending quality time with her Sophia.

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